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GenoSource bulls are available through STgenetics®, bringing our genetic program to a worldwide market


Our embryo program allows us to provide embryo packages that fit any genetic development needs.

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GenoSoure is your leading provider for large groups of high genetic caliber that will fit

your growing needs.



GenoSource was created in 2014 by dairymen, for dairymen. With our deep history in the dairy industry, we had one goal in mind and that was to develop a more efficient and profitable cow. Through industry advancements and thoroughly thought out breeding and embryo programs, we were able to do just that! Haven successfully bred heifers and bulls over +2900 GTPI and +1000 NM$ has been a huge milestone for the GenoSource team.


To achieve results like this we pride ourselves on the integrity of our day to day work, our capability to fill the next industry-leading demand and our philosophy of breeding a more profitable cow by investing in some of the worlds greatest genetics. We believe that genetic advancement is what will help develop the ideal cow and lead us to a more sustainable and lucrative future.


Having a milking herd of 2,800 cows we are very perceptive to the changing needs of the dairy industry. We believe our genetic program can propel other dairy operations into a more profitable program as well. We strive to bring these modern genetics to the marketplace to assist other dairymen in making a substantial genetic growth at a lower cost.


As you can see, GenoSource is a team effort. These faces are just some of the dairymen behind the scenes. We have a great team that helps us achieve our goals!



Over +3000 GTPI


Over +1100 NM$


Over +120


Over +75


In November 2015, we decided to invest in a group of embryos to generate calves to market late 2016/early 2017.  We weren't looking for specific families, but we knew we wanted a shot to buy off the top of a program. Another priority was doing business hassle-free and at a good value.  We agreed purchasing embryos from well known and established breeding programs was our best option to meet these goals.  GenoSource was one of two programs we identified as a premier source of genetic values and variety.  The resulting calves from our initial purchase were marketed publicly and privately for well over 300% ROI.  The genetics available from GenoSource, in both the genomic and type areas, are consistently valuable, current, and priced fair. - Abe Light & Jamie Crawford

We always feel confident doing business with GenoSource. They have cows with deep pedigrees and modern sire stacks that we feel contributes to a great ROI. GenoSource embryos have allowed us to produce a top 10NM bull in the breed for his age and 3 females at 900NM, offering over 10x ROI. We truly appreciate all the insight, advice and integrity that everyone at GenoSource brings to the table. This industry is about great cattle but it’s also about great people and that is why we continue to do business with GenoSource. - Frank Borba

I have purchased a fair number of frozen embryos from GenoSource, largely as a novice in the embryo and genomic index business, despite my 40 years in livestock breeding and sales. They have, in every transaction, dealt fairly, in good faith and have been generous with guidance and expertise. When the DNA reports came back on my first batch of calves, Genosource reviewed the information and assisted me in generating $101,500 in gross sales from those six calves at public auction, the result of purchasing 15 ova at $750 each. On a couple of occasions, they have promptly made replacements or adjustments when an ovum was missing, or come up lower in quality.  As such, Genosource has set a standard for the registered Holstein industry.  - Eric Lang




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