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December CTPI List

With 11 cows on Holsteins USA’s Top 100 CTPI Females list we thought we’d feature some of our best! Take a look below at some of our favorite cows who made the list in December.

#3: Genosource NCAP 22267-ET VG-86

Genosource NCAP 22267-ET VG-86 a Nightcap daughter from a Josuper out of a Numero Uno, her 6th Dam back is Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92. She is one of our favorite donors, her sire stack combined with her impressive numbers and genetic pass-through has put her right at the top for us!

22267 is the #1 GTPI Nightcap Daughter, the #3 CTPI Cow of the Breed and is in her first lactation! She is 235 DIM and averaging 96 lbs/day with a 4.7% Fat and 3.8% Protein

22267 is +2948 GTPI, +792 NM$, +1347 M, +97 Fat +0.15%, 2.72 SCS, +1.70 GPTAT & +2.03 UDC.

22267 has 5 sons over +2980 GTPI and 6 daughters over +2830 GTPI!

#10: Genosource Brazen 40218-ET VG-85

Brazen, a full sister to Genosource NCAP 22267, is a Nightcap daughter from a Josuper out of a Numero Uno. She is the #2 Nightcap daughter in the breed following her full sister!

At 219 DIM she was averaging 98 lb/day with a 4.5% Fat and 3.6% Protein.

Brazen is +2884 GTPI, +701 NM$, +1142 Milk, +76 Fat +0.11%, +4.7 PL, +1.61 PTAT & +1.87 UDC.

Her genetic transmission is outstanding, as of today she has 11 sons 15 daughters over +2800 GTPI.

Her strength, balance and udder composite makes her one of our favorite Nightcap daughters in the herd!

#21 Genosource Revolt 38595-ET

· Revolt is a Nightcap daughter from a Supersire out of a Jacey. She is +2860 GTPI, +744 NM$, +1674 Milk, +94 Fat +0.10%, +65 Pro, 1.9% SCE & +1.09 UDC.

Revolt has 4 sons and 9 daughters over +2800 GTPI!

#45: Genosource Jaguar 40214-ET

Jaguar is another Nightcap daughter! She is a full sister to Revolt.

She is +2834 GTPI, +686 NM$, +1597 Milk, +81 Fat, +68 Pro, +1.4% SCE, +1.44 PTAT, +1.34 UDC

Jaguar has 4 sons over +2800 GTPI

#46: Genosource Matters 38500-ET GP-82

Matters 38500 is from the same family as the sire, Captain!

She is a Matters out of a Cabriolet from Peak Menna Ahead EX-91, one of our cornerstone cows and the same Granddam of Captain!

Matters 38500 is +2838 GTPI, +750 NM$, +1252 Milk, +92 Fat +0.15%, +4.4 PL & 1.4% SCE

She has 9 daughters over +2800 GTPI and at 200 DIM she was averaging 85 lb/day with a 4.6% Fat and 3.8% Protein.

#50: Genosource Drastic 38518-ET VG-85

GenoSource Drastic 38518-ET is a Nightcap out of Ms Delicious Rub 73358-ET VG-88 from the world-famous Miss OCD Robst Delicious VG-87. Delicious is the dam of many phenomenal sires including Delta, Dynamo, Dante, and more!

She's +2838 GTPI, +716 NM$, +1056 Milk, +69 Fat +0.10%, +0.9 DPR, +6.1 PL & +1.51 UDC.

At 260 DIM she was averaging 102 lb/day and had a 4.5% Fat and a 3.6% Protein.

Drastic 38518 currently has 3 sons over +2900 including one Captain son at +3045 GTPI and 5 daughters over both +2800 GTPI. We think she'll follow right along in her maternal line's footprints!

#53: Genosource London 42552-ET GP-83

Genosource London 42552 GP-83 is the #2 GTPI and #1 NM$ Redrock daughter of the breed, she is in her first lactation at 137 DIM, she averages around 88 lb/day and on our last test day, she had a 4.4% Fat and a 3.7% Protein.

She’s out of a VG Modesty by a Josuper and has some impressive numbers behind her, she’s +2839 GTPI, +679 NM$, +62 Fat +0.12%, +6.2 PL, +1.3 DPR, 2.2% SCE, +2.00 UDC & +0.25 for Teat Length!

#63: Genosource Jamaica 40631-ET VG-87

Jamaica is a Dynamo daughter from the Freddie Jeven cow family and currently has 5 daughters and 10 sons over +2800 GTPI! She is a balanced cow with a lot of strength and tremendous production traits, we can't wait to see how she develops!

Jamaica is +2820 GTPI, +658 NM$, + 1374 Milk, +86 Fat +0.11%, 2.2% SCE, +2.15 GPTAT, +1.82 UDC & +1.32 FLC. She is currently 178 DIM and averages 96 lb/day with a 4.10% Fat and a 3.70% Protein.

#67: Genosource Brickle 22020-ET GP-83

Brickle is the #2 Delta-Worth daughter in the breed, from the same family as 22267 and Brazen. The same genetic pass-through has been passed onto Brickle as well with 9 daughters and 4 sons over +2800 GTPI.

She’s +2819 GTPI, +735 NM$, +1130 Milk, +96 Fat +0.18%, +5.0 PL, 2.0% SCE, +1.38 GPTAT & +1.47 UDC. At 289 DIM she is still averaging 86 lb/day with a 4.5% Fat and a 3.8% Protein.

From one of our favorite family’s we believe this first lactation Delta-Worth will add great value to our genetic program!

#68: Genosource Jostle 39368 GP-82

Jostle is a Nightcap daughter from a polled Delta out of an Earnhardt P. She has two daughters over +2929 GTPI and 6 daughters over +2800 GTPI!

Jostle is +2818 GTPI, +697 NM$, +1454 Milk, +61 Protein, +5.1 PL, 1.5% SCE, +1.31 GPTAT & +2.02 UDC.

At 242 DIM she is averaging 104 lb/day with a 4.1% Fat and a 3.6% Protein!

#71: Genosource Dreaming Big-ET VG-86

Dreaming Big has been a tremendous donor in our genetic program! She is a Dynamo daughter from a Monterey out of a VG Mogul.

She is +2819 GTPI, +679 NM$, +1238 Milk, +6.5 PL, 1.3% SCE, +1.95 GPTAT, +2.48 UDC, +1.32 FLC & +0.33 TL.

Her strength, balance, and udder composite makes her one of our favorite Nightcap daughters in the herd!our genetic program! ho is +3001 GTPI and +849 NM$! Her ability to boost genetics has been remarkable for our program!

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