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Dairy Herd Manger

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

GenoSource is a dairy farm located in Blairstown, IA, we milk 2,800 Holstein cows with a focus on our elite genetic program. We are looking for a Herd Manager that takes initiative and provides strong leadership to all herd related functions including: General herd health, reproduction, vet checks. Oversee's milking parlor and milk quality, calf and heifer health, and our ET/IVF program.

The ideal candidate must have strong communication and people skills along with experience in herd health and dairy management.

We have a fast-paced work environment with a progressive team that works together to meet operational goals. We offer a competitive salary, paid time off and health insurance.

Come work with our team!

To apply, please send us your resume! You can email all resumes to

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