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Dynamo - #3 on Int' TPI List

DYNAMO came out as #3 on the International TPI List for STgenetics for the December Proof run!

DYNAMO is a Rubicon x Robust x Planet

DYNAMO is +2784 GTPI +962 NM$ DYNAMO is +2174 M +91 F +2.4 DCE DYNAMO is+2.04 PTAT +2.19 UDC

DYNAMO is an EcoFeed™ designated Sire and has incredible production!

DYNAMO is offered in the most advanced sex-sorted semen ♀4M™

We love our Dynamo daughters, they are an extremely uniformed group with great udders, functional legs, and problem-free cows. They also have good production and components!

To view DYNAMO's genetic profile visit this link:

For more information on DYNAMO, contact your STgenetics representative in the U.S. Dairy Call Center at 844-828-7849 or

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