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February Classification

With a two-day classification the last weekend of February, we are pleased to highlight some of our results! We had 30 new VG classified cows, with 17 of these being in their 1st lactation, we also have 7 new excellent cows, you can find these highlighted below!

New Excellents:

  • Genosource Delta 30669-ET EX-90 - Delta x EX-91 Mcctuchen x VG Snowman x Goldwyn ATM EX-92

  • EDG Genosource 31702-ET EX-90 - Dam of one of our favorite donors, Dreaming Big - Silver x VG Robust x Jeven VG-87

  • TJR Delta Adel 32160-ET EX-90 - Delta x Adeline VG-85

  • Genosource Rocky 33238 EX-90 - Rocky x Krunch x VG Observer x EX Shottle x EX Finley x VG Durham x Juror Faith EX-91

  • Farnear Clea Delt 33349-ET EX-90 - Delta x EX Snowman x Chassity

  • Genosource Spider 38609-ET EX-90 - Noble x G-79 Supershot x Mogul x EX-92 MOM – Splendor Family

  • Ms Delicious Rub 73358-ET EX-90 – Rubicon x Delicious VG-87

Very Good 1st Lactation Cows:

  • Genosource NCAP 22267-ET VG-87 – a +2950 GTPI Nightcap daughter from a Josuper x Uno x EX Sebastian, from the Barbie Family. 22267 has 5 sons over +2980 GTPI!

  • Genosource Montrss 39961-ET VG-87 - Montross x Powerball x VG McCutchen x Gold Barbara EX-96

  • Farnear Lisa Nc 40392-ET VG-86 - Nightcap x GP Delta x VG Uno x VG O-Style

  • Genosource Samuri 38476-ET VG-86 - Samuri x VG Montross x Metronomy EX-91

  • Genosource Pinncle 42603-ET VG-86 - Pinnacle x Cabriolet x Menna Ahead 850 EX-91, from the same family as Captain!

  • Genosource Noble 79895 VG-85 - Noble x GP Rubicon x VG AltaOak x Robust x EX-91 Ramos

  • Genosource HN 40942-ET VG-85 - High Noon x GP Jedi x VG-88 Nominee x Delicious VG-87

  • Genosource Welsh 38486-ET VG-85 - Noble x GP Design x Wilra Super Sire 608 VG-85

  • Genosource D-Worth 38774-ET VG-85 - Delta-Worth x VG-88 Nominee x Delicious VG-87

  • GN GS CODI 38894 VG-85 - 1st Grade x VG-87 Archrival x Camomile

  • Genosource Jostle 39368 VG-85 - Nightcap x GP Delta x GP Earnhardt P x VG Bookem, from the Ri-Val-Re Redwing Family

  • Ms GS A2 Adelaide 39818-ET VG-85 - Artist x A2 EX-94

  • Ms GS A2 Artist 42621-ET VG-85 - Artist x A2 EX-94

  • Genosource HN 42750-ET VG-85 - High Noon x Mega-Duke x GP Yoder x Cashcoin, from the Rudy Missy Family

  • Genosource Charl 42857 VG-85 – Charl x Dominate

  • Genosource Charl 42951-ET VG-85 - Charl x VG Delta x VG Kingboy x Supersire Exotic VG-87

  • Genosource Charl 8157-ET VG-85 - Charl x Nightcap x GP Design x Wilra Super Sire 608 VG-85

Other Highlights:

  • Genosource Nashvil 43201-ET GP-83 - Nashville x GP-84 Modesty x Moonray Myesha VG-85

  • Genosource Nshvile 43214-ET GP-81 - Nashville x GP-84 Modesty x Moonray Myesha VG-85

  • Butz-Hill Nashvile 41623-ET GP-81 – Nashville x Ms Delicious Sunday x Delicious VG-87

  • Butz-Hill Wilra NB 80135-ET VG-89 - Noble x Wilra Super Sire 608 VG-85

  • Genosource RDelta 32507-ET VG-88 – Delta x Robust Ruby EX-90

  • Ms Nightout 35140-ET VG-87 - Jedi x Nightout VG-85

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