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GenoSource Captain remains #1 TPI Proven Sire

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

For the third consecutive proof run, GenoSource Captain claims the #1 TPI Proven Sire spot on the Top 100 International TPI® Bulls List this August provided by Holstein Association USA!

Captain is +3184 TPI, +1224 NM$, +2097 Milk, +138 Fat +.19%, +73 Prot, +4.6 PL, +1.29 PTAT, +1.91 UDC, you can view his entire genetic package here: Genosource Captain

Captain's daughters continue to develop nicely and his genetic pass through is shining through! The consistency we see in his daughters is outstanding, they are moderate size with great feet and legs, their mammary systems are remarkable with high and wide rear udders, snuggly attached fore udders, great teat placement and additionally they provide incredible production. They are the kind we want to milk everyday!

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