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GenoSource Classification Results

GenoSource classified on June 19th & 20th and ended up with some great results! Check out some of the highlights we had below along with a few recent photos!

(Left) Milksource Gldwn Calypso-ET VG-85, a Goldwyn x Cheerio EX-94, Calypso is currently being flushed!

(Middle) Seagull-Bay D Extreme-ET VG-85, a Delta x Effect P-Red x Seagull-Bay Miss America

(Right) GenoSource RDelta 32507-ET VG-85 with a VG-87 MS, a Delta x Robust Ruby

Good Plus Individuals

  • GenoSource Delta 35107-ET GP-84 with a VG-85 MS

  • EDG Marcia Sabre 40003-ET GP-84 with a VG-85 MS

  • GenoSource Modesty 80030-ET GP-84

  • GenoSource Modesty 35784-ET GP-83 with a VG-86 MS

  • EDG-TJR-BH SPRHERO 36593-ET GP-83 with a VG-86 MS

  • GenoSource Sabre 36202 GP-83 with a VG-85 MS

  • Farnear TBR Salvat 36562-ET GP-83 with a VG-85 MS

  • GenoSource Delta 35087-ET GP-82 with a VG-85 MS Ms 32462 Dynamo 40139-ET GP-82

  • GenoSource BM Sabr 40001-ET GP-80 with a VG-86 MS

Raised or New Very Good Individuals

  • GenoSource Direct 32787-ET VG-88 with an EX-93 MS

  • EDG GenoSource 31702-ET VG-88 with a EX-90 MS

  • TJR Delecia Mon 31376 VG-88

  • GenoSource Denver 33039-ET VG-88

  • GenoSource Lucent 33051 VG-88

  • Ms Sasha Dozer 32325-ET VG-87 with a EX-90 MS

  • GenoSource Silver 33181-ET VG-87

  • San-Dan 30970-ET VG-87

  • GenoSource Canyon 73288-ET VG-87

  • Ms Memory Cypr 32764-ET VG-87

  • Peak Milly PBall 60166-ET VG-87

  • GenoSource Silver 33375-ET VG-86

  • Ms Additive Del 32193-ET VG-86

  • GenoSource Direct 32814-ET VG-86

  • EDG GenoSource EPC 30634-ET VG-86

  • San-Dan Denver 31894-ET VG-85 with a VG-88 MS

  • GenoSource Sabre 35223-ETVG-85 – Dam of CAPTAIN

  • GenoSource SDR 31784-ET VG-85

  • GenoSource Rubic 33312-ET VG-85

  • GenoSource Draco 33809-ET VG-85

  • GenoSource Arvis 34419 VG-85

  • Ms GenoSource Sabre 36213 VG-85

Raised or New Excellent Individuals

  • EDG Laci Epic 782-ET EX-91 2E

  • EDG Ruby Mogul 2059 EX-91 2E – Full Sister to RUBICON

  • Mormann Shan Calida 2358-ET EX-90 2E

  • San-Dan 736 MH 54751-ET EX-90

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