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October Classification

At the end of October we had a Holstein USA classifier on the farm for a few days so we could work through 655 cows. We had some fantastic results and have highlighted some of our favorite genetic successes below!

AOT DJockey Habitan 9092-ET VG-87 1st Calf

  • 5 daughters over 3.5 PTAT

  • DiscJockey x EX Delta x VG-88 Day x 7 generations VG/EX back to Dellia

Genosource Chandler 8299-ET VG-85 1st Calf

Genosource Deviate 46921-ET GP-83-2YR

  • +3153 GTPI +1229 NM$

  • #2 Lionel Daughter

  • 5 daughters over 3100 GTPI & 1100 NM$

  • 11 sons over 3000 GTPI & 1000 NM$

Genosource Historic 8419-ET GP-83-2YR VG-85-MS

Genosource Bundle 8432-ET VG-86-2YR VG-88-MS

Pine-Tree 7593 Lega 8476-ET VG-85 VG-86-MS 1st Calf

  • 8 daughters over 1075 NM$

Aardema Lionel 44209-ET VG-87

  • +3006 GTPI +1034 NM$

  • 4 daughters over 300 GTPI

  • Captain daughter is +3102 GTPI, +1132 NM$

Pine-Tree 7883 Hero 8666-ET VG-85-2YR VG-85-MS

Westcoast Prsuit Mrque 9894 VG-85-2YR VG-86-MS

  • +2995 GTPI, +1054 NM$

  • Dominguez daughter is +3085 GTPI & +1214 NM$

  • 6 daughters over 3000 GTPI

EDG Charl 11320-ET VG-86-2YR VG-88-MS

  • Charl great granddaughter of Robust Ruby

  • 2 daughters and 1 son over 3000 GTPI and 1100 NM$

Delicious 84386-ET VG-85

  • Charl granddaughter of Delicious

  • Dominguez daughter is +3031 GTPI +1100 NM$

BGP SLF Solution 18554-ET VG-87 VG-88 MS 1st Calf

  • Solution x GP-84 Modesty x View-Home Mrdian Iowa-ET VG-86

Genosource Sabre 36608 EX-90 EX-91-MS

Genosource Medley 40946-ET EX-91 EX-92-MS VEVEE

  • Medley x VG-87 Sabre (full sister to Captain’s dam) x Peak Menna Ahead 850-ET EX-91

Genosource Revolution-ET GP-83-2YR

  • Dam of Ramble, Ronaldo and Roosevelt at ST

Genosource Mila 44410-ET VG-87 VG-88-MS

Genosource Guzman 46479-ET VG-88-2YR EX-92-MS

Genosource Charl 46607 VG-85-2YR VG-MS

  • Charl x VG-85 Delta x 8 generations VG/EX back to UFM-Dubs Eroy

Genosource Sahab 47188-ET VG-85 @ 2-02 VG-85-MS

Delicious Defeat 47201-ET VG-85 @ 2-01 VG-85-MS

  • Twitch x VG-85 Charl x Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET

  • 3 Sons and 1 Daughter over 1100 NM$

Genosource Rivting 47390-ET VG-85 @ 2-02 VG-86-MS

  • Riveting x VG-86 Nightcap

Genosource Mango 48011-ET GP-83-2YR

  • +1052 NM$ & +2893 GTPI

  • Rubical x VG-88 Matters x GP Cabriolet x Peak Menna Ahead 850-ET EX-91

  • Dam of Genosource Militant-ET +3136 GTPI & +1194 NM$

  • 4 daughters over 1100 NM$

Genosource Denmark 48251 VG-85-2YR VG-86-MS

Genosource Tampa 48415 VG-87 @ 2-04 VG-89-MS

  • Tampa x GP-82 Sabre x VG-7 Massey x S-S-I Moonry Myesha-ET VG-85 DOM

Genosource Captain 48630-ET GP-84 @ 2-03 VG-86-MS

  • Captain x VG-85 Frazzled x GP-82 Dozer x EX-90-2E-CAN Mardi Gras x 11 generations VG/EX

Genosource Emory 48871-ET GP-82 @ 2-01 VG-85-MS

  • Idealist x GP Delta-Worth x VG-85 Sabre x Seagull-Bay D Extreme-ET VG-88

Genosource Dubai 133260-ET GP-84 @ 2-02 VG-85-MS

  • Dubai x VG-87 Charl x VG-85 Modesty

Aardema Postivie Pearl VG-86 VG-87-MS 1st Calf

  • Positive x VG-85 Silver x VG-86 Balisto x VG-86 Robust x VG-86 Mac x EX Outside x EX-93-3E Juror

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