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The Holiday ToaST!

GenoSource and STgenetics® are excited to announce their second sale of December, The Holiday ToaST! A collaboration to offer an exciting array of show type embryos, high genomic IVF sessions and breed leading individuals. This online sale will be held on December 21st through where you can find first time opportunities from some of the industry’s most exciting show families and exclusive genomic offerings.

There will be embryo opportunities from breed leading individuals and household names like Caught Your Eye, Shakira, Adler and more! From the type you want to show or the type you want to add to your breeding program, this exceptional genetic sale will have something for everyone.

More information will be released on sale specifics soon. GenoSource and STgenetics® are excited to offer this opportunity to the global market and looks forward to assisting dairy producers achieve their specific genetic goals.

Contact any of the individuals below for more information on The Holiday ToaST.

To view all the current information available for this sale, visit here!

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