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CAPTAIN the #1 TPI Sire for the 2nd time!

GenoSource CAPTAIN does it again! He is the #1 PROVEN TPI Sire of the Breed for the April 2023 Genetic Evaluations!

Captain has shown his genetic dominance since April of 2019, and it has now passed through to his impressive milking daughters. His impact in the breed is still developing but we couldn’t be prouder of this bull or the family he comes from!

We are more than impressed with the Captain daughters in our barn, they just continue to get better and better day after day. But we think even more importantly, we have loved to see the beautiful Captain daughters developing in other herds, all across the globe! Consistently we have seen high and wide rear udders, great teat placement and overall cows that want to milk!

Thank you to all the breeders across the globe and the team members at STgenetics for helping make this type of day happen, not once, but twice!

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