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December 2023 Genetic Evaluation

Captain is now the 4X consecutive #1 TPI Sire of the Breed!


He continues to prove his global genetic consistency and has been doing so since he was the #1 Genomic Young Sire in 2019! We could not be more proud or humbled to have bred such a strong and impactful sire!


Captain means so much to our entire family, we raised him on farm and he was given special attention from the beginning. He’s always had a big personality and continues to show his “dominance” in Fond du Lac.


We’ve had heard so many good things about Captain daughters from breeders across the globe but this was a quote that truly made us smile, ear to ear! “Recently, we started seeing several daughters of a bull who particularly impressed us for the quality of their mammary systems and their ability to produce. These are the daughters of the CAPTAIN bull! Here we call them “moneymakers!” states Savanah Crack, Manager of Crackholm in Richmond, QC


Making profitable cows who look good doing their job is something we strive for in our breeding program and we think Captain emits this concept perfectly!


Along with Captain’s big day during December proofs, our Genomic Young Bulls also held strong with 40 of the top 100 bulls on the list calling GenoSource home! We are looking forward to a bright future with this genetic program!

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