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GenoSource World Dairy Expo Information

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The International Embryo Marketplace!

Along with Budjon Farms, we are offering a lineup of some of our most elite embryo genetics in the International Embryo Marketplace! You can find genetics from Caught Your Eye, Shakira, Maple, Lynzi, Footloose and more in the Marketplace!

To view The International Embryo Marketplace, visit:

To view the GenoSource Embryo Catalog, visit:



GenoSource is 3.5 hours from World Dairy Expo, if you would like to make the trip, we will have our doors open to scheduled tours on Wednesday, October 4th! If you would like to schedule a tour for yourself or your group, please email Crystal Dykstra at

For your convenience, our address is: 2188 78th Street, Blairstown, Iowa

For those that will be at World Dairy Expo, you can find our cattle and us in Barn 1 within the Budjon string!

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