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Ladyrose Caught Your Eye-ET EX-94/96-MS

What an exciting and successful week at World Dairy Expo highlighted with Ladyrose Caught Your Eye EX-94/96-MS winning the 4-Year-Old class!!


Caught Your Eye is now a THREE TIME class winner of the International Holstein Show! We are so thrilled to develop Caught Your Eye’s story and for all the excitement she brings many dairy enthusiasts around the globe.


With a proven pedigree going back to breed icons like Lexington and Blackrose along with her genetic package and ability to transmit, she is the perfect package in our opinion! We’d like to send a big thank you to our friends Tom and Kelli at Budjon Farms for their care of Caught Your Eye, to the outstanding crew at the show who helped prepare her for the colored shavings and to those who stopped by with admiration for our girl, THANK YOU!


Not only did Caught Your Eye perform outstandingly at Expo but so did a slew of her daughters! We want to first and foremost congratulate all those who had success with this genetic line, we are so impressed and overjoyed with the impact these daughters had in the ring!!


  • D2 Summerfest Eyes On You-ET; 4th Summer Junior 2-Year-Old, owned by Budjon Farms & Heartland Dairy, Nominated All-American Summer Jr 2

  • D2 Lambda Eyes on the Prize; 5th Summer Junior 2-Year-Old & 1st B&O, owned by D2 Genetics, Nominated All-American Summer Jr 2

  • 2nd Produce of Dam for D2 Genetics

  • 1st Junior Best Three Group, bred by Kingsway Farms, Riverdown Holsteins & Millen Farms, Nominated All-American Jr Best Three Group

  • 3rd Junior Best Three Group, bred by GenoSource, Nominated All-American Jr Best Three Group

  • Kingsway Caught A Vibe; 1st Spring Yearling & Junior Champion! Owned by Kingsway Farms and Velthuis, Nominated All-American Spring Yearling

  • Ms GS Caught By Surprise-ET; 3rd Spring Yearling, Nominated All-American Spring Yearling

  • Ms GS Caught Your Heart-ET; 24th Spring Yearling

  • Genosource Looks Matter-ET; 3rd Fall Calf Jr Show & 8th Fall Calf Open, Owned by Budjon Farms, Nominated All-American Fall Calf

  • Genosource Lip Service-ET; 6th Fall Calf Jr Show

  • GenoSource Leading Lady-ET; 12th Winter Calf

  • Genosource Cookie Dough-ET; 7th Spring Calf Jr Show, now owned by Denise Pease


With seven daughters in the top ten of their classes, along with two groups in the Junior Best Three class, we couldn’t be more excited for the future of our Caught Your Eye daughters!


And finally, as most know, we pride ourselves on the genetics we can offer to a global market, so we are more than thrilled to offer three sons of Caught Your Eye through STgenetics! To learn more about them, visit their exciting profiles below!


Liquid Courage:


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