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Classification Update

Earlier this fall we classified and had a great two days with Holstein USA.

We ended up with 63 new Very Good cows and 4 new Excellent cows!

Here are some of our highlights:

1st Lactation:

Ms GenoSource Sabre 36213 VG-86

Ms GenoSource Sabre 37191 VG-85

GenoSOurce Flagship 36245-ET VG-85

GenoSource Lani 35675-ET VG-85

2nd Lactation:

GenoSource Denver 33039-ET EX-90

Ms Sasha Dozer 32325-ET VG-88

GenoSource Flamer 32686 VG-87

Excellent Cows:

EDG Gem Oak 55507-ET EX-90

EDG Ruby Mogul 2059-ET EX-91

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