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DNA STamped Sale by GenoSource & STgenetics

Introducing the DNA STamped Sale by STgenetics® and GenoSource. 

STgenetics® and GenoSource have assembled a group of robotic and parlor trained cows and developing heifers to be sold in groups at the DNA STamped Sale. The sale will be held in Madison, WI on Thursday, October 3rd at 7:15 pm at the Sheraton Hotel. The DNA STamped Sale will be following the International Opportunity Sale put on by GenoSource. 

This sale brings tremendous opportunity to progressive dairymen looking to expand their herd and genetic development. 20 groups, a total of 200 animals, of genomic tested, robotic and parlor trained cows as well as 20 groups, a total of 200 animals, of genomic tested heifers in the range of +600 - +900 NM$ will sell. 

"We’re excited for this joint sale and believe it brings a new and an extensive opportunity to today’s progressive dairy operations. We’re looking forward to all that October is going to bring!" Says Juan Moreno, CEO of STgenetics®. 

The DNA STamped Sale is being managed by GS Auctions, if you have any inquiries or would like any further detail please feel free to email 

The event will also have online bidding available via live broadcast through Cowbuyer. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook event, DNA STamped Sale for more information on animals selling and event updates!

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